OnCourse Curriculum Portal PreTraining
Questions and Answers
  1. When will the old documents be taken off?The documents in the OnCourse Curriculum Portal were copied from the Learning Village. Academic Services updates the Learning Village.
  2. Can you attach Gifted Standards? ESE Department has been contacted.
  3. Can the 5 E template be put into the Unit Planner on OnCourse so that we can “Save As” and re-use each time?The 5 E Template can be put in the Unit Planner as a template in the OnCourse Lesson Planner. Go to the OnCourse Wiki http://dcpsoncourse.wikispaces.com/Lesson+Plans. The directions for creating a template in the Unit Planner is on p. 34-37. You can copy and paste the 5 E template right into the Unit Planner template.
  4. Would it be possible to have the textbook available for students and parents?Some of the digital textbooks available are on the My Grade Portal Dashboard.

  5. How do I add links to my Lesson Plans? Type and highlight the text and select the hyperlink chain.
    Type or copy/paste the hyperlink link and select Insert.
  6. How can parents get access to the digital resources?
    The Parents and Students have access tdigital resources through the My Grade Portal.
  7. How do I undo a link from the curriculum portal? Once a doc has been attached to a lesson plan from the Curr Portal it will show up in the teachers “Attach Documents” tab in their lesson editor. They can then remove it by deselecting the check boxes. The document will be removed from the lesson plan block.
  8. Can the Curriculum Portal have links to Educational Video Websites to put as links in Lesson Planner?Yes, let us know Educational Video Websites you would live for us to add.
  9. When will the 5th grade Science by updated. It still only has the learning Schedule up to December 16th and the Resources for this time period.
    The Elementary Science has been updated.
  10. How can we have less usernames and passwords?That is our goal. Currently, our Technology Department is working on this issue. Many school districts are having the same issues. Single-sign on is very complicated, some vendors are not ready for this implementation, and it can be very expensive.
  11. How can we get the passwords for the digital textbooks and resources?We are currently working on sharing this information for you. You can also contact your the DCPS Department Academic Programs.

  12. Where can students access digital enrichment activities for students to be able to access after school (at home, library, team up, etc.)?Students and Parents can access digital resources such as the DCPS eLibrary, Learning Software, Digital Textbook Resources, Quick Links from the My Grade Portal Dashboard. Teachers can also add digital resources and links to their Teacher Website in OnCourse.

  13. I would like access to lesson plans from other schools as a reference. You can share your lesson plans with anyone from DCPS using your Sharing ID #.Please Note: Another teacher will only be able to view and copy from your planner. Another teacher can never edit or delete your lessons. You may remove a teacher from this list at anytime by clicking the "X" next to their name.
  14. Are these books available to add to the Gale Reference Library -Implementing the Framework of Teaching in Enhancing Professional Practiceby: Charlotte Danielson Teach Like a Championby: Doug Lemo Teach All Reach All Instuctional Design and Deliver by Mulkey Kemp, Susan Mulkey, and Karen Kemp.
    Unfortunately, it is not available in an eBook, but let us know other books you might want to add
  15. Can I create a lesson plan template to share with my school?Yes, you can create a template and we can upload the template into the lesson planner for all of the teachers at your school. Just contact webbs1@duvalschools.org for more information.
  16. Will there be courses offered this summer for the Oncourse Lesson Planner and Curriculum Portal?Hopefully yes! We will let you know.